Why Support JLEP

Junior League women are highly motivated, educated, influential individuals who transform their communities through advocacy, direct service, public education, fundraising and hard work.  Since 1933, the Junior League of El Paso has provided more than 500 programs that have had a direct impact on our community and has returned more than $6 million to the city of El Paso through its service projects, programs and community assistance grants. In addition to direct financial support, the Junior League of El Paso commits its members to thousands of volunteer hours to impact the lives of El Pasoans through our projects.

JLEP members continue to identify the El Paso community’s needs and address them with new programs and initiatives that not only improve lives but change the way people think.

In 2017-2018, the JLEP membership voted to approve adopting an impact area by 92%. The impact area chosen by the JLEP members to address is Awareness and Embracing Mental and Physical Health. Instead of looking at different projects, JLEP will become all encompassing advocates and educators for this issue. We will work in greater partnership with the community and collaborators. Ultimately, all of this should create lasting change in the community. By supporting JLEP, you are investing in the economic and social well-being of the El Paso community as a whole. By supporting The JLEP and its mission, you are helping to create a lasting community change.