A Christmas Fair 2019

Remember the excitement of being a child and waiting for Christmas and Santa to come?  Experience this nostalgia at A Christmas Fair 2019 which will be held this November 1st-3rd at the Judson F. Williams Convention and Performing Arts Center. The theme this year is “Seeing is Believing” and you won’t want to miss it!  We invite you to join us and enjoy the magic of Santa’s village and toyshop.  You will experience many of the same traditions you have come to love at A Christmas Fair and many more new surprises!

Since 1933, the Junior League of El Paso, Inc. has returned more than $6 million to the City of El Paso through its service projects, programs, and community grants. A Christmas Fair is the League’s primary fundraising event. It is staffed and implemented solely by trained volunteers allowing the Junior League of El Paso to maximize its financial contributions and help make El Paso a better place to live for all its citizens.

This annual shopping gift market has officially kicked off the holiday season in El Paso for the past 46 years. The event, recognized as an El Paso tradition, will be staged with over 230 merchants who contribute to the festivities with great items and gifts for sale and an average of 15,000 shoppers. Don’t forget to stop by our brand new farmer’s market located in the Paso Del Norte Lobby where we will be featuring your favorite local craftsman and artists! In addition to the fabulous shopping, A Christmas Fair will also feature a myriad of special events with delicious holiday fare, fabulous auctions, photographs with Santa, and an atmosphere of wonder and delight.

Before you go to Santa’s Village, join us at our “Nightmare before Christmas Fair” on Saturday, October 26th at the Union Depot to kick off fair week!  Monster Mash your way through our live auction, photo booth, and dance floor. Enjoy heavy h’orderves, drinks, DJ, and many other fun surprises. It wouldn’t be a Halloween party without a costume contest, so grab your fellow ghostbusters and put on your spookiest costume for a chance to win one of our major prizes!

Kick off A Christmas Fair weekend at our Friday early morning shopping event “Tone, Tinis and Tags”!  You will enjoy a morning fitness toning session followed by refreshments and will be the first to shop without the crowd at all the hundreds of booths filled with amazing goodies.  Bring the kids to enjoy the tradition of storytime and cookies with Santa and stop by “Santa’s Sweet Shop” party available both Saturday and Sunday.  After the kids have had their fill, it is now your turn!  Do you want to throw an amazing Christmas party this year or even put together an intimate Christmas dinner?  Sign up for our “Holiday Bootcamp” where you will learn how to put together the perfect charcuterie board and centerpieces, decorate cookies and ornaments, and much more to spread holiday cheer! Fellas, don’t let the ladies have all the fun! Be sure to join us for an afternoon of football, food, and fun at Elf’s lodge. There is a world of fun for everyone!

Your Christmas Fair team is excited to bring you all your favorite traditions sprinkled with sweet surprises!

Jennifer Dayoub

2019 A Christmas Fair Chair



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