Each and every year, the Junior League faces new challenges, but the beginning of 2006 brought more than the League could have ever anticipated when the theme for the year, “Step Up to the Challenge,” was introduced! A massive flood struck the city in July leaving areas devastated, particularly on the west side of town. The League’s Headquarters suffered minor damage, but many in the community were not as fortunate.

Quick to jump to those in need, the Provisional Class tailored their project to help those that were affected by this force of Mother Nature and gradually, the area returned to normal. Five other exciting projects to better the community were also implemented, including a collaborative project to combat childhood obesity with other Junior Leagues across the country.

The advancement of technology also made its way to the Junior League of El Paso with the release of a new, user-friendly, and interactive website. Now, everyone across the world can tune in and learn about the wonderful programs that the El Paso League has to offer!

To cap off the year, a very successful Endowment Fund drive was launched, pushing the fund to over $123,000 and paving the way for a means of funding the League’s community projects of the future.