Congratulations to our April Members of the month

Active of the month: Val Venegas

Val Venegas has been in league for just around 4 years, and she is already making an impact within the community as well as the membership of the League.  Last year Val brought awareness to the fore front within our membership and community the fight against human trafficking.  This year she has worked tirelessly month after month to bring the membership an array of training that impacts us all.


Sustainer of the month: Sue Anderson

Sue Anderson has been very active behind the scenes.  Always giving of her time and support.  She has been a proud sponsor of many Christmas Fairs as well as Storytellers.  This year Sue has served as sustaining advisor to the endowment fund and has been working alongside Keithley Stanley “Upping the bar” for Storytellers.


Committee of the month: Eco Garden Chair Tammy Salazar

This committee has been hard at work from the start by planting the “seeds of education” that will last long into the future.  This committee is truly living by the standards we hope achieve through league.  This project will not only benefit our children and grandchildren, but will also benefit the entire community.