Provisional Project

The Provisional Project is a collaborative effort of the Junior League of El Paso’s newest members known as the Provisional Class.  Its purpose is to teach the Provisional Class leadership, planning, cooperation, and voluntarism.  The project must have a charitable purpose and may not be religious or political in nature.

JLEP 2019-2020 Provisional Project Success: Teaming Up with Rebuilding Together

Picture this: a group of strong, capable women, getting their hands dirty and rolling up their sleeves to transform a fellow female El Pasoan’s home and life.  That was just another Saturday for our 2019-2020 provisional class, as they embarked on their project.  We partnered with a local non-profit organization called Rebuilding Together, a former JLEP project known as Christmas in April!  Rebuilding Together transforms homes for people who are living in unsafe conditions.  They’re changing lives every day, and we were lucky to be a part of one of these life changing opportunities.

We worked all day on Saturday, February 22.  We were on-site before 8 am and worked through the day until every task was completed.  We pulled weeds, tilled soil, landscaped, painted, cleaned, and so much more.  But most importantly: we met the home occupant, talked to her, and truly became invested in her life.  We walked away from this project feeling gratified and humbled, having been a part of such a rewarding experience.

This project was a culmination of all the hard work the provisional ladies have completed.  They were able to utilize all the skills they learned during our council trainings.  Our subcommittees each carried out their tasks seamlessly, working together collaboratively.  The harmonious relationships all the ladies have cultivated really helped this project go smoothly and successfully.

We all went to bed that night tired, sore, and happy.  We changed someone’s life with our own hands, and that is something we will never forget.

A special thank you to all our members who helped and encouraged us along the way.  Thank you to Rebuilding Together for supplying us with everything we could ever need to accomplish this task.  Also, a big thank you to Sunset Gardens for donating plants we used to landscape the home and Synergy Lighting for donating outside landscaping equipment.  We are forever grateful for all the support we received!


Junior League of El Paso