Project Updates: The Village; Music Therapy for the Elderly


The Village community collaborative partners include El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Foodbank, El Paso Parks & Recreation, Paso del Norte Health Foundation, and the United Way of El Paso County.

We will deliver mental and physical health resources throughout El Paso while also providing relaxing and enjoyable community activities. Our goals and aspirations of this initiative include:

  • Addressing the negative effects (social and emotional) of COVID-19 in our community
  • Executing strategies to reduce the stigma of mental health
  • Maximizing efforts to empower women to improve their health
  • Promoting the importance of mind-body wellness
  • Creating coalitions with local non-profit organizations, mental health professionals, educational institutions, and other agencies working in this area
  • Training Junior League members to become knowledgeable connectors of mental health resources
  • Elevating the visibility of the Junior League to El Pasoans as advocacy leaders for mental health
  • Engaging the members of the Juniors League to participate in direct community service


Music Therapy for the Elderly, in its 33nd year, provides therapy for aging El Pasoans in the form of musical performances and nurturing contact. This program is the longest running community project and is well respected within the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) and have been highlighted for its longevity and impact on our community.