Community Projects

Since 1933 the Junior League of El Paso has returned more than $6 million to the city of El Paso through its service projects, programs and community assistance grants. In addition to direct financial support, the Junior League of El Paso commits its members to thousands of volunteer hours to impact the lives of El Pasoans through the following projects:


Girls Going The Distance

Girls Going the Distance is a pilot program in partnership with the Center Against Sexual and Family Violence (CASFV) to provide a mentoring relationship for elementary age girls at Reyes Elementary. The girls learn life lessons along side strong female mentors taking the girls through a fitness program focused specifically on running.  The program encourages personal and physical growth while encouraging girls to meet their goals. At the close of the program the girls along with their mentors will celebrate their hard work by finishing the Flying Horse 5k! 


Fresh Beginnings:  From Farm to Table

The YMCA seeks to strengthen the El Paso community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility through Fresh Beginnings, a project that incorporates community education and participation in selecting, growing, and preparing nutritious meals.  The mantra of the project is “Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day, teach them how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.”  The project will focus on two areas in Northeast El Paso, where many live below the poverty level.  Families in these neighborhoods are faced with issues that lead to poor quality of life; many live in a ‘food desert’, meaning that they lack access to a nearby grocery store or other source of fresh produce and nutritious meal options.


Building Connections

Parent Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) is an evidence based parent-child treatment program for young children, ages 2-7 years, who experience emotional and behavioral problems (e.g. temper tantrums, hitting, kicking, not following directions).  Children exposed to traumatic events such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence are served by this project. The program’s focus is to improve the relationship between the caregiver and child through developing positive and supportive communications, and modifying behavior patterns through teaching effective discipline and supportive communication, and modifying behavior patterns through teaching effective discipline and child management skills.  PCIT uses a live-coaching model as part of the process; caregivers and the child are in a therapy room while a therapist is in another room observing.  The therapist coaches the caregiver on skills to improve the relationship.  PCIT is a two-part model where the caregiver learns skills to communicate with their child through child-led play and learns to instruct their child and improve compliance through effective commands.


Spotlight on Mental Health

Emergence Health Network (EHN) in collaboration with the JLEP and cooperation from local television station(s), proposes to produce a special television “Community Mental Health” program that aims to reduce the stigma associated with mental health illnesses by providing El Pasoans information regarding the availability of local resources for the early identification and treatment of mental health illnesses, the opportunity to have questions answered by a panel of mental health professionals and insights into events and programming for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).

Music Therapy for the Elderly

Enriches the lives of older adults at nursing homes and adult day care centers by providing therapeutic musical performances that foster social contact, improve cognitive ability and nurture memory skills through music reminiscent of their youth. This is the Junior League of El Paso’s longest running Community Project and has been touching the lives of El Pasoans for the past 26 years.



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