Horses for Heroes Therapy

Horses for Heroes

The Junior League of El Paso (JLEP) will continue our partnership with Compadres Therapy, Inc. to provide equine assisted therapy to individuals in need of mental and physical health support. Horses for Heroes will work to provide and expand therapy to the El Paso military and veteran communities. This therapy offers a range of treatments and activities with horses that promote physical and mental health. The therapy will provide customized physical and mental healing services for, but not limited to traumatic brain injuries, families separated by military deployment, and post- traumatic stress disorders.
JLEP members will continue our relationship with the military community that are affected by mental and physical health issues. JLEP will attend an onsite volunteer training session provided by Compadres Inc. to become familiar with the equine therapeutic environment. Members will also attend therapy sessions and provide supportive assistance as side walkers, support riders during lessons, and provide basic care for the horses.