2020-2021 Provisionals


  • Do I get a scan card?  We don’t use scan cards. You will pickup your nametag at the first general meeting in September.
  • What is attire for Junior League meetings?  Business casual is the norm; however, you will see more relaxed styles. Be comfortable, but please be respectful.
  • When do I get my login? You should have received it and logged in this summer to attend field trips. If you haven’t signed in, please contact the office.
  • How many Provisionals are there?  About 51.
  • If I have questions, who should I direct them to? provisional@jlep.org




  • 5 Provisional Council Training Meetings per Course Calendar
  • 5 General Membership Meetings per JLEP Calendar
  • One Leadership Meeting per JLEP Calendar
  • 3 out of 6 Interactive Field Trips as scheduled by the Provisional Committee
  • Provisional Project Meeting
  • Provisional committee break-out sessions

Attendance Policy: No absences allowed from Provisional Council Trainings.


  • Provisional Project
  • Placement – “A Christmas Fair” shifts (total number of hours determined annually; traditionally three 4 – hour shifts)


Pay All Fees

  • Provisional Course                                $100.00 (due by 04.20.20)
  • *One-time non-refundable fee for training
  • May Installation Meal                          $35.00 (due by 04.20.20)
  • *Determined annually
  • Annual Dues                                           $128.00 (due by 04.20.20)
  • Meal Assessment                                   $120.00 (due by 04.20.20)
  • Permanent Headquarters Fee            $100.00 (due by 09.01.20)
  •  *One-time fee prior to Active membership
  • Christmas Fair                                       $40.00 (due by 11.01.20)
  • Mercado Del Sol                                    $16.00 (due by 11.15.20)